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Precisely, Indonesian Batik nowadays has become an icon for Indonesia as a national cloth and will cannot be imitated by any other institutions.
Indonesian Batik cloth has various type and motives, for instance, Madurese Batik. Madurese batik has its own particular which is traditionally made by the local inhabitants as talented artists within the clothes, and commonly has different motive with Batik from West Java, like Solo. Like Madurese, Solo has its own philosophy within the line of their Batik, which is coming from the shape, the color or even the message within the motives. Both Madurese or Solo or any other Batik from different area in Indonesia, the most valuable Batik is coming from the traditional written Batik, which is draws by the talented hands, these called as Batik Tulis or hand written Batik.

For those who are collectors or fanatics to Batik, they must be recognize the characteristic of Batik from all Indonesia area. Moreover, the collectors are struggling to find the most valuable Batik which come from the quality or even the historical line.

Adopted by those historical philosophy, ElegantBatik.com presenting a range of Batik coming from the motives and designs from Indonesia particular area that producing some famous Batik. The quality and the genuine is the most important thing for ElegantBatik.com to give you the precise Indonesian Batik. By promoting our product by Internet, ElegantBatik.com having a great expectancy that Indonesian Batik will remain to the world as an Indonesian national cloth.

Cooperating with the artist from Indonesian Batik, we are introducing a range of Batik regarding the motives and designs for all Indonesian Batik.
The scoop of our products is not only coming from the fabric and fashion batik clothes, we are also provide the theme for all Batik implementation.

As the customers can seen on our catalog, the customers can find the chosen details of : Batik Sandals, Mirror, Batik bedsheet, Batik curtains, Sajadah, and many more for your collections desk.

Customer purchasing accomplished by email and phone, we are also trying to fill the customer satisfaction and feel free to make convenience for all buyers.

ElegantBatik.com… Where You Can Find The Indonesian Philosophy.

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