Batik comes in various motives and colors that always charming. Batik itself comes from Javanese culture. The motives were old-fashioned, but now it becomes a pride that is not only used in Fridays or formal events, but also used by the designers to displayed on the international runway stage. Those various kinds of Batik have variety motives and beauty colors that show high artistic and cultural values. The variety of Batik motives are not only beautiful but also have very deep philosophical meanings

Batik is not just Batik. There are various kinds Batik motives with names and, of course, different meanings. Whether the Batik is written Batik, stamped, or printed, each motif has a history and philosophy in it. This time we will explore further about Batik Parang, one of the oldest Batik motifs in Indonesia.

In various Batik motifs, the Parang motif is one of the very old motifs. With a variety of different classifications Parang motif is an elegant and luxurious motif. Besides, this motif is one of the classic motifs that can be combined with other Batik motifs. Batik Parang has found in Solo and Jogja because according to its history, Batik Parang was created in Mataram Palace era.

This Batik motif is in curved lines similar to waves on the sea. The machete eye symbol that is like the letter S, symbolizes power, strength, and enthusiasm that never goes out. That is why, during the Mataram kingdom of Kartasura (Solo), this Batik Parang motif could only be used by kings, rulers, and knights. Batik Parang is also called prohibition Batik because it cannot be used by ordinary people.

As one of the oldest basic Batik motifs, Batik Parang has the meaning of advice to never give up, like a sea wave that never stops moving. Batik Parang also describes a relationship that has never been broken, both in terms of efforts to improve themselves, efforts to fight for prosperity, as well as forms of family ties. The straight diagonal line represents respect and ambitions, and loyalty to the right value. The dynamics in this Parang pattern also called as agility, alertness, and contituency between workers.

In its development, Batik Parang present in various types of different motifs but still in waves curved line motifs.

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