Since 100% made by hand, the price of handwriting Batik is quite expensive, hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. It happened because during the process of batik making, it is quite carefully using canting. Although expensive, people still like handwriting Batik pretty much, and the biggest buyers are dominated by local and international buyers.

Batik is something distinctly Indonesian heritage that carries a long history of tradition, culture and stories. Although the name “batik” is usually associated with the cloth itself, it is actually the name of a wax-resistant dyeing method. This is where the wax (usually beeswax) applied to the fabric with a canting before dying so that only certain areas are dyed. It can be repeated a number of times depending on how complex the design is and how many colors are used.

Written Batik usually has basic colors that are lighter than other types of Batik on each stroke of motif. The fabric used is cotton and silk in plain white before the crafter finally dyed it. The whole process of making batik tulis is complex and time-consuming. The more intricate the pattern and the more colors desired, the longer the process takes.

Quality hand-made batik is very expensive and the production of such works is very limited. However, in today’s modern world which is dominated by machines, the interest in handmade products is increasing. Batik is one such product.

In addition, because it is drawn by hand, a written batik may have unique motifs or other anomalies. Even though it may make written batik look untidy when compared to stamped batik, it is this beautiful chaos that makes written batik more valuable.

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