Batik Madura is one of cultural art form that has high demand by local and international buyers. Because, this product has its own distinctive characteristics compared other Batik. Beautiful batik motifs from this ‘salt island’ has its own uniqueness. In fact, it’s very different with some clothing from other regions. The coloring use natural ingredients and color thickness depends on the length of immersion. The main characteristic or typical fashion of Madura is very easy to recognize.

The style of Madura Batik is inseparable from foreign cultural influences such as Chinese. Yellow, red or green wrapping, is the result of the influence of Chinese people. Dominated in red to apply flowers or leaves, the Madura style also has diverse treasury. For example, shoot spears, rhombus, and knitting. In fact, there are number of motifs of various flora and fauna around people’s lives. This historic Batik coloring technique processed specifically, through immersion process for six months. So even though it looks rough, but this historic Batik is very beautiful.

When you find Batik Madura, you will find bold patterns and color choices. There are many distinctive motifs in Madura’s, one of is bird style. Bird pattern is one of the most popular motifs because it has several advantages:

  • The birds character in a piece of silk or cotton made by craftsmen always looks alive. So the image is not just a display, but a result of the imagination turned on by the artist.
  • There is no similar motifs. Batik craftsmen paint motifs authentically so the results are not the same between one motif and another. Even if you will find a similar model, the style isn’t really the same. Because every style has its own uniqueness.
  • Use a bird’s style will give grace, warmness and modesty impression. This attitude suit with the character of the Madurese who live modestly and warmly in communal ways.
  • Original Madurese Batik will very last long. This type of fabric is more often washed instead makes the color more brilliant. Unlike other fabrics that have faded colors due to the washing process. Especially if you choose fabrics that use genuine dyes, besides being durable, they are also environmentally friendly.